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From Creamy Mac-and-Cheese to Sweet Boba Tea, Check Out These New Local Favorites at Walt Whitman Mall

By: Harley Semon and Grace Katz

On Friday evening, we headed over to Walt Whitman Shops to try out two of the recently opened places which have been the talk of the town these past few weeks. For beverages, we started off with Bubble Bear Tea, located right near ZARA and Lululemon (the perfect location for a post-shopping refreshment). From the moment we stepped into Bubble Bear Tea, we felt immediately welcomed by all the positive and colorful decorations, along with the smiling staff eager to take our order. The delightful tea cafe was clean and organized. After spending a few minutes perusing through all the different flavors on the menu we decided to go with the peach tea with boba (of course!). The service was incredibly speedy and the drink came out in just two short minutes. The bright orange drink had a wonderful sugary peach taste which was the perfect appeal to our sweet tooth. The chewy tapioca boba was a great fun twist to this delicious treat. Overall we would definitely recommend popping in for a thirst-quenching cup of tea during your next shopping spree.

Next, we made our way over to Carpaccio Рthe new Italian restaurant that had just opened up. The scenery and layout of this restaurant was open and modern, and the music playing was a great touch to the aesthetic. The light fixtures and black and white theme were very pleasant to the eye. Definitely make sure to book a reservation because this restaurant got filled very quickly! Right after we were seated a beautiful bread basket was sent our way, which included: garlic bread, focaccia, sourdough, and assorted rolls, along with Bruschetta and Ricotta cheese for dipping. As we looked through the detailed menu, we were delighted by all the traditional Italian dishes, as well as many other unique additions. For our appetizer, we went with one of our personal favorites, fried Mozzarella wedges. The great cheese pull of these proved that this was definitely the right way to start off the meal. Later for entrees, we ordered the margarita pizza (classic!) and the macaroni and cheese. The pizza was thin and crisp, with a terrific sauce-to-cheese ratio. The portion of mac and cheese was small, but the taste was mighty. We enjoyed how you could taste the richness of the cheese, as well as the crispy bread crumb topping. If you just want something light, mac and cheese is definitely the way to go. Throughout the entire meal, our waiter was friendly and attentive. We were never thirsty waiting for a refill because our water glasses were constantly being refilled.  We absolutely would suggest this restaurant for your next night out with friends or family.