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What is Happening in Boxing?

By: Jack Nevins

USA boxing has dug itself in a large hole. A fight has broken out, not only in the ring, but outside the ring as well. USA boxing is now being ridiculed for their new transgender policy, allowing men to compete against biologically born women.

This new policy, which is now included in the 2024 rule book, states, “male boxers who transition can compete in the female category as long as they meet certain criteria.” Fighters who are still under the age of 18, minors, are required to compete as their birth gender whereas adults, on the other hand, have the ability to freely choose their fighting category. This is only acceptable if they state their new gender identity and have fully undergone the complete gender reassignment surgery, permanently completing the transition. Following this full transition, transgender athletes must complete hormone testing regularly. Boxers who transitioned from men to women, under the new policy, are required to maintain testosterone levels under five nanomoles per liter. This must be achieved for three years prior to their first fight, and contest as the new gender to which they have transitioned. Throughout their period of eligibility as a fighter, their total testosterone levels must continue to remain below five nanomoles per liter. Men, on the other hand, must need to show levels of nearly 10 nanomoles per liter only during the same period as those during their transitional period.

Yes, using this new format for transgender people to box in whatever way they choose will bring fairness and safety for all boxers in this aspect of the sport. But, critics of USA boxing are claiming that it is too dangerous for biological females to compete against the transgender women who are now entering the ring. Many have gone the extra mile to speak out about the unfairness within the new policy of the sport. Jenna Ellis, a constitutional lawyer who has also served as a senior legal advisor to Donald Trump, stated “USA boxing wants women to get killed.” Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who has recently created a name for herself for speaking out against transgender female athletes in competition with male athletes, said, “mark my words, it will take a woman getting killed before these misogynistic fools wake up.” Ebaine Bridge, who is the bantamweight world title holder, feels that this new policy has zero place being present in the world of boxing. Bridges said, “It’s politically incorrect to have a man fighting a woman… and [I don’t care] that’s exactly what this is… this society is too soft… This is our health and safety. The girls need to stick together or women’s sports in 50 years will be filled with male-born champions.”

The new transgender policy within USA boxing has turned many heads throughout the sport and will bring many questions and concerns once we finally see the policy come to life in the ring.