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Celebrating Love This Valentine’s Season!

By: Ava Sobel and Jaclyn Kalina

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the best days of the year as we get to honor the love we have for our significant other or those about whom we care. Many people struggle each year to find a creative gift that entirely expresses their love. Instead of giving the typical “chocolate and flowers,” here are a few different ideas that will take your gifting to the next level!

  • Scavenger Hunt: 

Developing a scavenger hunt would be very enjoyable for all involved. First, set up clues that lead to subsequent clues. These clues could be located at some of the places where you share memories together to make it more special. In the last place, you should be waiting for them with a special treat, such as a gift, their favorite food, or even an activity like an outdoor movie. It is guaranteed that your loved one will be amazed by what you did for them, as long as the scavenger hunt is well executed. 

  • “Open When” Envelopes

Do you want to create a gift that could last beyond just February 14th? If so, then this is the perfect gift for you! One very cute and trending idea is to write a series of words of encouragement and love on a series of envelopes that could help brighten your loved one’s day. For example, you could write “open when you have a stressful day,” and write numerous things to help cheer them up. These envelopes not only show your love and appreciation for another in the present-day, but they can also serve as a constant reminder of your love over the course of many years. It is easy, affordable, and absolutely adorable!

  • The “Love Box”

The Love Box is a super creative way to display all of the fun memories you have with your loved one. The Love Box is sold on, and it starts at $34.99. The Love Box is basically a series of boxes that can fit within each other. The sides of the boxes are made up of flaps that you can put photographs on. As your partner opens up each box, the sides of the box will flap open with pictures of you guys. The last and smallest box does not have these flaps, so inside of that one we suggest that you put a small gift! The Love Box seems complicated to set up at first, but in reality, it is really simple to assemble. Although this gift is a little pricey, your significant other will definitely find it adorable. 

  • Glass Art

Another creative and cute gift you can give to a loved one is glass art. Sounds sophisticated, right? It might seem this way, but it’s actually a very easy and cool item to create for anyone, especially people with a love and passion for music. First, take a sheet of glass that you would like to use. Then, print and cut out a picture of your favorite song or even put a picture of the both of you. One adorable idea to incorporate even more personal meaning into the gift is to use their favorite song or one that you both enjoy together. Then, you can use any type of paint pen, specifically white, to mimic the layout of the song on Apple Music or Spotify. You draw the play button, the bar that shows the song’s progress, and the skip and rewind button. Once you are finished creating this, you can either frame it so they can hang it up in any location or place it on a stand, and bam, you’re done! This trendy and cool idea can be both very useful and meaningful to your loved one!

  • Game Night 

Right now it’s hard to go to public places. Restaurants are reduced in capacity, and it can be difficult to get a reservation. It’s not appealing to most people to stay home on Valentine’s Day. If you and your partner love fun and friendly competition, planning game night is a perfect way to have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day while being safe at home. Adding take-out from a favorite restaurant will make the night even more enjoyable! This idea is more memorable than eating a typical Valentine’s Day meal at a restaurant.