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Five Simple Desserts: Food to Remember the Holiday Season

By: Grace Katz and Harley Semon 


There is no better way to ring in the holiday season than with a plate full of cookies.

This recipe is very simple. Also, it’s perfect to bring to any holiday party or to eat while snuggling up to watch Christmas movies. For this recipe, all you need to do is use your standard chocolate chip cookie recipe but replace the chocolate chips with red and green M&M’s.


This festive treat will sure wow all your guests without the heartache of a complicated recipe. For this dessert, you first will need to cut a batch of brownies into triangles. Next, insert a pretzel stick in one end of each brownie. Lastly, pipe with green frosting and decorate your trees however you like!


These delicious Santa Claus cupcakes are very appealing to anyone who celebrates Christmas. They are a perfect and easy treat to bring to any Christmas party! All you have to do is make your standard vanilla cupcake and create a Santa hat by adding icing and a strawberry. 


These sugar cookies look too good to eat, but luckily taste amazing. They will definitely impress all your Instagram followers. They require no hassle. First, make a batch of regular sugar cookies. Then, frost them with white icing. Next, simply pipe two black lines. For the final touch, simply place M&M candies on their sides along the lines which resemble Christmas lights.


Peppermint bark is a treat that gets anyone into the holiday spirit. This treat is super simple to make and they do not even require the use of an oven. It only requires three ingredients: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed up candy canes. All you need to do is melt the milk chocolate and make a thin layer on your baking sheet. Then, melt your white chocolate and make a thin layer on top of the milk chocolate. Then, put your crushed up candy canes on top. After some time in the freezer, these treats will be ready to be served!