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We Laughed, We Cried, We Grew: Farewell to the 2010s

By: Hayden Fishbein

As the old adage states “out with the old in with the new,” and with that, we welcome and celebrate the new year, saying goodbye to 2019 and another decade. This was not just any decade; this was our childhood. The present that was these last ten years contained many of our fondest memories: our favorite television shows, gadgets, movie stars, songs, and more wrapped up with a tiny bow atop. In this decade, social media became a quintessential part of our lives as it memorialized all of our memories from our lowest lows to our highest highs. We cried, we laughed, but most importantly, we grew. While reflecting on this past decade, we remember so many things in which we took part. Many of us did the ice bucket challenge, mourned the death of our favorite celebrities, celebrated our favorite sports teams winning, made our own Gangnam Style videos, and debated over the two-tone dress controversy. We watched our favorite cartoon movies find their sequels and, in some cases, become trilogies. Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Up, Toy Story, and so many more instantly became our generation’s classics. We forgot about the good times we shared with friends while playing with Webkinz, Just Dance, PopTropica, Wii, and other games. As these things have slowly faded from our memories, we will replace them with new ones. Luckily, when it comes to television, the majority of the shows we binged as children are rewatched and reloved thanks to the recent addition of Disney Plus to our streaming services. And, now, on to the next. This upcoming decade is sure to be an exciting one. It is the decade where most of us will be graduating high school, heading off to college, finding a career, and maybe, beginning a family of our own. As we all mature, we will become our best selves. Only time will tell where the next ten years will take us, but if they’re anything like the last ten, I think we’re in for a real treat.

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