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Promoting STEM at HHH Night of Code

By Nicole Shanker and Morgan Fishbein

This year’s HHH Night of Code, held on Monday, December 5 from 7pm to 9pm at West Hollow Middle School, was a huge success. The Night of Code is an event dedicated to the increasing popularity and success of computer software programs and is intended to expose HHH community members to all that these programs have to offer. All students and teachers who participate in any coding or computer programs/clubs came together in the auditorium of West Hollow, where each ran a table to showcase that which is commonly done by their club. There were many different tables based on the age of the participant, the school he or she attends, and the clubs he or she is a part of. The students who helped run the tables were student volunteers from grades K-12. Regardless of experience or involvement with coding and computer software, everyone in the community was allowed to come explore all of the activities that were set up and have fun. At the Night of Code, the various different tables that were set up allowed for attendees to participate in activities regarding robotics, engineering, programming, Beebots, Makerspace,,, green screens, and much more.

Students who are involved in taking a coding class or participate in any coding club were able to show off all their hard work. Students displayed many different projects and games, but the biggest hit was the robots. The kids, and their parents, loved to play with the robots and learned how they worked. Another big hit was the green screen, which allowed kids to make videos using a backdrop.15385477_343162996056740_7967252043759982563_o

The interactive games made by students on were very popular as well. Some of tables even offered parting gifts and fun giveaways. Volunteering at the Night of Code was a lot of fun, and it felt rewarding to show people games that I created on my own. It was also incredible to see how young students were starting to learn how to code; they are so advanced when it comes to understanding the complexity of technology and coding. In addition to the HHH students, HHH community members were very intrigued by the technology used to code that their children are being exposed to on a daily basis. Overall, the Night of Code was a smashing hit and a lot of fun! A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the students who participated in the Night of Code.

Photo Courtesy of HHH media library