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Seeking Opportunity With Summer Internships

By: Skylar Semon and Maya Hoffman

For the upcoming seniors in the class of 2022, it is essential to gain experience in a field of interest to start exploring your future options. During the summer, while most of the stress involving school is at bay, the perfect opportunity arises to spend time gathering experience after you leave high school. Below are four internships that cover various interests for a range of high school students. 

The first internship is with NASA. This internship is available for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Students participate in either research or other experiential learning under the guidance of a mentor at a NASA installation. These internships are located across campuses in Maryland, Virginia, New York, and West Virginia. This internship is designed to engage students interested in STEM-related fields. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center offers hundreds of internship opportunities each year. The students are required to have two small items in order to intern with NASA; those are a 3.0-4.0 GPA and be at least a sophomore in high school. NASA’s internship can also aid in seeking further education within the STEM and space community. 

Another great internship for students interested in STEM is the Microsoft High School Internship. This program allows students to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. This summer internship also allows students to develop skills in computer science and programming. This program is geared towards students who want to pursue a degree in a STEM-related field because students can gain on-the-job experience.

Another unique internship is the Smithsonian Summer Internship. This internship offers a wide variety of summer internships for high school students interested in fields regarding history, culture, art, design, technology, science, and nature. Students choose from multiple fields sto learn communication and leadership skills. This helps students prepare for college and for their future careers. This internship also allows students to visit and explore the Smithsonian’s many museums. 

Lastly, Program Justin 2021 offers high school students the opportunity to help NY Legislation. Justin Krebs, a man running for city council, is taking in high school students and teaching them the ropes of legislation. Interns learn what it is like to run and organize a political campaign. They are given the responsibilities of media marking, voters’ house party, and talking to voters. This internship is the perfect opportunity for students looking to gain experience in the political field. 

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