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Bright Colors and Bold Prints This Fall

By: Hayden Fishbein and Brooke Blumberg

As we are into the swing of fall 2018, new fashion trends are turning heads on runways and social media. Some of these styles are really cute and can be worn by basically anybody! One of these new trends is plaid. This plaid trend is being worn not only as a shirt, but also as skirts, dresses, shoes, coats, and more! Along with plaid, another trend is a bold and intriguing red. When you want to get fancy, try a red dress with a striking necklace and nude heels. Another head-turning trend is animal print. Along with the basic leopard print, tiger print has also begun to make an appearance resulting in eye-catching pictures for social media! One last trend to follow is layering. As the temperature outside begins to drop, you’re going to want a fashionable, new winter coat. A popular coat to wear this season is shearling. You can layer your plaid shirt with shearling and finish it off with some red shoes. Along with shearling, faux fur, in all aspects of fashion, is making a huge return into the world of fashion; we can’t wait to see where that trend goes!

Photo courtesy of Hayden Fishbein