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Lululemon’s Game-Changing Device: “Mirror”

By: Ava Sobel and Nikki Frankel

Ever since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are not willing to take the risk of exercising in a public facility. Quarantine brought on struggles for many fitness-involved individuals, as Public Fitness Centers are especially known to be teeming with bacteria and germs. For some, it has been tough to find a solution to stay fit. 

The “Mirror” by Lululemon is a perfect alternative to working out in public areas. This interactive mirror brings the effect of attending a workout class while also being safe and in the comfort of your own home. In spite of the fact that the mirror is an interactive exercise device, it also acts as a normal mirror that fits in any home with its sleek design. One can either mount the mirror on the wall or choose to have it attached to a sturdy carbon-steel stand.  Once the mirror is set up, you can stream live or on-demand classes through a companion app that is available on IOS or Android. The mirror membership offers a wide variety of fitness classes including cardio, boxing, kickboxing, yoga, toning, sculpt, and full-body bootcamps. These classes all range in length and difficulty. Live classes are available, in which you can actually interact with other members. A camera and microphone are equipped within the mirror, permitting the customers to participate in live classes. 

Along with the different classes available, one can also schedule a one-on-one personal training session with a fitness instructor. During your session with the trainer, they can see you and you can see them, allowing for a more “normal” interaction during these unprecedented times. The mirror is seen as a huge competitor with another at-home workout equipment company, Peloton. Though the mirror is an excellent alternative to in-person exercise classes, it comes at a hefty price that not all can afford. This technology costs around $1500 on its own, with an ongoing additional cost of $39 a month for a mirror membership. If you enjoy working out and the gym is not for you right now, Lululemon’s “Mirror” acts as an interactive resource to help continue your fitness journey.

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