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Overcoming Boredom one Hobby at a Time

By: Della Lin

Because of COVID-19, we are all basically cooped up in our houses, and we have gained a whole lot of extra time. With all this free time on our hands, we can very easily start to get bored, and our lives can start to become pretty dull. Every day we are following the same schedule: waking up, eating breakfast, doing schoolwork, eating lunch, watching TV, eating dinner, and then going to sleep. The days can feel like they are just passing by. Now, instead of laying in bed and binge-watching Netflix the entire day, I have got some amazing ideas to spice up your days and make them more fun and enjoyable! 

A big trend right now is tie-dye. A lot of celebrities are wearing cute tie-dye outfits, and they honestly look so fun. Since we can’t really go to the mall at this moment, why don’t you create your own? I am pretty sure that we all have some sort of old, plain, white garment in our closets, so bring them back to life! There are tons of videos on YouTube that show easy and creative ways to tie-dye your clothing. This will be super fun and you will be able to design it to fit your own taste. 

Another hobby that is a lot of fun (and even I have personally started to do this a lot) is baking. Nothing is more delicious and tasty than a fresh cookie out of the oven. You can find tons of classic recipes online and on YouTube, or you can be daring and create your own recipe. Spending more time in the kitchen is always a great solution when you have some free time. 

This next idea is something that we have all wanted to do at some point, but we often feel like we just don’t have the time. Well, now you have the time and you can finally start cleaning, organizing, or redecorating. It’s always a good idea to de-clutter your surroundings and trust me, the before and after results will be the greatest feeling ever. With this pandemic and all this extra time, it would be perfect timing to start taking care of yourself as well as your home. Whether it’s a skincare routine or just simply getting more sleep each night, self-care will always make you feel better. You can even try making a new schedule for yourself and sticking to it. It can be waking up early and having a good breakfast or doing some exercise in the afternoon. You will be in a better mood and always feel refreshed. 

The coronavirus has greatly changed our lives both positively and negatively. However, by looking at it from a more positive point of view, we have all gained some extra time to pick up a new hobby or spend more time with our family. While this pandemic has been a dark cloud over this year, there is always a silver lining!

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