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Push: Not Your Ordinary Gym

By: Ava Sobel

The Push Fitness Club of Melville is not your average fitness club. They offer an experience that makes working out, which is an activity that some people don’t enjoy, a way to remove stress from your hectic day. Their main goal is to make the environment of their facility as peaceful and amazing as possible. They offer luxury fitness at affordable prices not just at their Melville location, but also at all five of their locations. 

At an efficient price per month, you have access to all prime facilities and equipment at Push Fitness. Push contains tons of modern cardio and strength training equipment. Their equipment includes stairmasters, treadmills, barbell racks, ellipticals, dumbbells, and many other pieces of machinery. It features deluxe locker rooms, with a sauna and towel service. One of my favorite features of the Push Fitness Club of Melville is that there are a dance and spin studio, where there are over fifty innovative group fitness classes. Spin, cardio sculpt, bootcamps, and Zumba are a part of the variety of classes that Push has to offer. Class instructors bring extremely positive energy to the class sessions. Also, there are personal training programs, but these are not a part of the package and do incur an additional fee. However, these trainers will guide you in achieving your health and fitness goals. So, why not experience luxurious workouts at an affordable price? 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in March of 2020, all gyms were required to close for several months. Many people were afraid to return to gyms since they are locations that are subjected to high rates of contraction and contamination. Once fitness facilities were given the green light to re-open, Push Fitness Club created a safe and clean environment for people to return to. This made members more relaxed about returning to public facilities like this. New features were added to the facility to prevent the spread of the virus in the gym. An iWave, which is an air purifier, was installed in all air conditioners inside of the club. The iWave responds to the COVID-19 outbreak by significantly reducing pathogens and viruses in the air. Every Push member is required to get a temperature check and to fill out a survey based on an individual’s exposure to the virus before using the facility. Disinfectant spray and sanitization stations are located all throughout the gym to keep surfaces clean. All machines are placed six feet apart, and masks are required at all times. Considering all these safety precautions, the risk of COVID-19 spread is significantly lower. 

Are you ready to go check out the Push Fitness Club of Melville?