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Class of 2020 Post Graduation Plans

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Compiled by Senior Editors of The Thunderbird

In 1964, Bob Dylan alerted the world that “the times they are a changin’,” and his words quickly became a timeless anthem that would ring true for many generations to come. Here we are, some 56 years later, and the wheel of history is turning once again. The Class of 2020 will forever be remembered as a piece of this historical year, and they are now tasked with a great obligation because, once again, “the times they are a changin’.” As the members of our senior class head off to their next step, whether it be college, the work force, or the military, it is now up to them to make sure these changes are progressive and help to improve our healing world in unprecedented ways. Please take a moment to peruse the list below and see what that first step towards progress will be for our graduating Thunderbirds. On behalf of the entire Thunderbird staff and its advisors, congratulations to the class of 2020! 

Abrams, Andrew- Bryant University

Abrams, Sarah- Carnegie Mellon University

Abramson, Samuel- Ithaca College

Adam, Allyson- The Ohio State University

Adesina, Raaji- University of Pittsburgh

Adler, Amanda- University of Delaware

Afanador, Vanessa- University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ahmed, Alyina- Barnard College

Ahmed, Raif- American University

Allsopp, Logan- Penn State University

Almonte, Edward- SUNY Binghamton

Aloe, Mario- SUNY Cortland

Altfest, Ashleigh- University of Central Florida

Amanatides, Alexander- Loyola University Maryland

Andelsman, Matthew- Indiana University

Androsiglio, Brooke- High Point University

Androsiglio, Jared- University of Michigan

Antonacci, Giulia- Boston College

Arneja, Bikram- New York Institute of Technology

Arnone, Nicole- Colgate University

Aronowitz, Jordyn- University of Connecticut

Aruanno, Andrew- Marist College

Baldwin, Samantha- SUNY Oneonta

Banai, William- Northeastern University

Barber, Tyler- Marist College

Bieler, Emma- Stony Brook University

Bigman, Rachel- University of Virginia

Bleck, Grace Siena- University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bocian, Rachel- Cornell University

Boninti, Joseph- Stony Brook University

Boyle, Nicole- University of South Carolina

Braxton, Myles- University of Massachusetts Amherst

Bress, Gabriella- The Ohio State University

Bryan, Joshua- St. Joseph’s College

Bryant, Ashley- SUNY Binghamton

Bunn Pereira, Max – University of Delaware

Butler, Hannah- SUNY Cortland

Carvano, Sydney- St. Joseph’s College

Celt, Sarah- SUNY Binghamton

Ceseretti, Nicole- Make-Up Designory

Chahal, Rajdeep- Fordham University

Chan, Ningsum- Carnegie Mellon University

Chen, Melissa- Cornell University


Chesher, Aria- Auburn University

Choudhury, Sargam- Boston University

Clay, Abigail- Fashion Institute of Technology

Cohan, Zachary- SUNY Binghamton

Coleman, Kiarra- SUNY Albany

Cook, Taylor- Northeastern University

Cooper, Alexa- Cornell University

Cristofich, Cole- Lynn University

Dalia, Savannah- New York Institute of Technology

DeLaRosa, Roderick- Penn State University

Diaz, Kyle- Stony Brook University

Dircks, Samuel- Stony Brook University

Doreste, Christopher- High Point University

Eisenberg, Max- University of Maryland

Elberg, Hailey- Baldwin Wallace University

Elberg, Nikki- University of Delaware

Elkin, Spencer- Syracuse University

Ettenger, Jared- The Ohio State University

Ettenger, Matthew- The Ohio State University

Evans, Griffith- The George Washington University

Farnacci, Jason- University of South Carolina

Fasciglione, Jenna- University of Georgia

Feldman, Reid- Stonehill College

Ferber, Andrew- SUNY New Paltz

Fernandez, Gabriella- University of Delaware

Fishbein, Hayden- University of Florida

Fisse, Jolie- Sacred Heart University

Forelli, Andrea- Marist College

Francis, Aieka- SUNY Oneonta

Freedman, Matthew- SUNY Binghamton

Fried, Alana- LIU Post

Futter, Marlee- New York University

Gershman, Jordan- University of Massachusetts Amherst

Gershovich, Mandy- Penn State University

Gershowitz, Emily- Duke University

Glazer, Rebecca- Lynn University

Goldberg, Samuel- University of Wisconsin Madison

Goldberg, Tyler- Western Connecticut State University

Goldenberg, Hailey- Florida State University

Goldman, Dylan- University of Alabama

Gole, Megan- Harvard University

Gonzalez, Ashley- University of Florida

Gottlieb, Jack- University of Wisconsin Madison

Greenberg, Annabelle- University of Michigan

Greif, Victoria- New York Institute of Technology

Gronich, Brooke- University of Michigan

Gunther, Nicholas- University of Delaware

Guzzetti, John- Indiana University

Handsman, Jeremy- University of Delaware

Harris, Madison- Bentley University

Hatton, Terri- SUNY Farmingdale

Hazan, Sarah- SUNY Binghamton

Healy, John – SUNY Albany

Heiko, Julia- Marist College

Hinestroza, Arnold- New York University

Hochman, Benjamin- Penn State University

Hodge, Jahnia- University of Delaware

Holzer, Danielle- Syracuse University

Howell, Thomas- University of Tampa

Huber, Alexis- Villanova University

Huo, Yiyang- Cornell University

Ichel, Aaron- Queens College of Music

Irwin, Sydney- University of Delaware

Jackson, Jonathan- American University

Jacovsky, Matthew- The Ohio State University

Jamnaprasad, Isabella- Bentley University

Janko, Amanda- University of Connecticut

Janko, Jessica- University of Connecticut

Jeon, Mackenzie- Drexel University

Jones, Alexa- Tulane University

Kalenborn, Meghan- University of Alabama

Kalina, Alexis- University of Michigan

Kang, Hannah- Syracuse University

Kanofsky, Jesse- Indiana University

Kaplan, Tyler- Indiana University

Kappel, Lanie- University of California Los Angeles

Karis, Jon- University at Buffalo

Katz, Dylan- Pace University

Kaufman, Isabel- Tulane University

Kaufman, Joshua- University of Vermont

Kaufman, Lexi- Brandeis University

Klein, Brandon- Lincoln Tech

Klemchek, Jessica- Penn State University

Kobi, Krista- University of South Carolina

Kohli, Puneet- Baruch College

Kolin, Emily- SUNY Binghamton

Kosches, Devin- Stevens Institute of Technology

Kugler, Calia- SUNY Binghamton

Kumbar, Sachin- Boston College

LaBianca, Sophia- University of Delaware

Landau, Harrison- Penn State University

Landman, Dylan- University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lastihenos, Kate- Stockton University

Lee, Joshua- Case Western Reserve University

Leff, Lily- Indiana University

Leibowitz, Chase- Berklee College of Music

Lentz, Madison- University of Connecticut

Levine, Sloane- University of Wisconsin Madison

Levy, Lindsey- Lynn University

Likos, Nicholas- New York University

Love, Nile- Hofstra University

Maddie, Christopher- Marist College

Maestre, Emily- SUNY Oneonta

Malhotra, Dhruv- Purdue University

Martin, Brett- Johns Hopkins University

Martin, Nichole- SUNY Oneonta

Martinez, Natalia- New York University

Mathura, Anjali- Hofsta University

McCray, Alexis- Indiana University

McDonough, James- New York Institute of Technology

McMurray, Robert- SUNY Delhi

Meyers, Austin- The Ohio State University

Miller, Marcus- University of Connecticut

Mishra, Anjali- Hofstra University

Morris, Brent- University of Florida

Nagpal, Jay- Columbia University

Neidell, Sydney- Syracuse University

Neuburger, Hailey- University of North Carolina Wilmington

Newman, Ethan- SUNY Binghamton

Nowakowski, Natalia- Stony Brook University

O’Connor, Erin- New York Institute of Technology

Park, Bryan- SUNY Binghamton

Parris, Ilana- Quinipiac University

Patrick, Isabelle- Virginia Tech

Perticone, Alexandra- LIU Post

Peskin, Brandon- Syracuse University

Picarella, Michael- The Ohio State University

Pliskin, Reid- University of Michigan

Quinlan, Tess- SUNY Oneonta

Radecki, Sarah- The City College of New York

Ragusa, Jenna- Clemson University

Raptis, Kate- Fordham University

Reichelscheimer, Emily- Indiana University

Rizvi, Noah- Syracuse University

Rizvi, Sarah- Northeastern University

Roedel, Jacob- The George Washington University

Rogers, Jacob- University at Buffalo

Romano, Bethany- Marist College

Rosati, Jordanna- University of Rhode Island

Rosenstein, Lindsay- University of Michigan

Rosken, Jake- University of Florida

Rotondo, Rino- Lynn University

Rudman, Hunter- University of Michigan

Salti, Ava- Emerson College

Salti, Cayla- University at Buffalo

Schneider, Ryan- University of Georgia

Schops, Maxwell- The Ohio State University

Schuler, Brooke- Coastal Carolina University

Schuler, Ryan- SUNY Farmingdale

Scimone, Ava- Penn State University

Scordio, Anthony- Marist College

Seidner, Jessie- University at Buffalo

Selmer, Jake- The Ohio State University

Sergi, Adina- University of Rhode Island

Serra, Jack- Stony Brook University

Shikapuri, Vinika- Baruch College

Shindler, Josie- University of Miami

Shulman, Daniel- University of Michigan

Shumer, Ashlynn- University of Maryland

Siddiqui, Anusha- SUNY Stony Brook

Sierra, Sebastian- Penn State University

Simon, Jordyn- University of Miami

Simon, Zachary- Colgate University

Singer, Kendall- University of Michigan

Skrepek, Amanda- SUNY Binghamton

Snaider, Ashley- University of Delaware

Sobel, Emily- Cornell University

Spiegel, Amanda- Fashion Institute of Technology

Stallone, Evan- SUNY Geneseo

Stein, Kaylee- University of Virginia

Steinfeld, Harris- Penn State University

Steinfeld, Hunter- Indiana University

Stern, Emily- SUNY Binghamton

Strizik, Sari- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tedesco, Brianna- University of Delaware

Teich, Jessica- Tulane University

Trimarchi, Gia- Stony Brook University

Tse, Derek- The Ohio State University

Tubens, Emma- University of South Carolina

Turner, Samantha- Virginia Tech

Umer, Maheen- New York Institute of Technology

Velez, Kayla- Stony Brook University

Villa, Sophia- Marist College

Vo, Melissa- Baruch College

Walker, Courtinee- Cornell University

Weiner, Rachel- SUNY Oneonta

Weisman, Sarah- University of Tampa

Whyte, Zahir- Sacred Heart University

Wiener, Ariel- Temple University

Wohl, Leah- Syracuse University

Womble, Michael- SUNY Cortland

Xie, Eric- Boston University

Ye, Tong- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yousuf, Fardeena- New York Institute of Technology

Zaman, Aneesa- Stony Brook University

Zaroff, Emily- University of Pittsburgh

Zemel, Ethan- University of South Florida

Zhao, Jacqueline- Carnegie Mellon University


Photos courtesy of Chip Parker.