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Fresh Eyes

By: Blake Rabinowitz

Orientation was crazy.  With only a 25 minute tour of the school and 15 minutes to find classes, it was no wonder every Freshman ran to class the first week.  Most got hopelessly lost trying to find the 900s wing while others had a map plastered in front of their faces.

The best thing was the shortened periods.  Everyone looked in disbelief when the bell rang to end first period, because it felt like 20 minutes.  It took a while to get used to phones being allowed, but every Freshman breathed a sigh of joy when they heard they wouldn’t get detention texting their friends.

 Even though I was with the same kids, somehow, a whole new world had opened up.  Perhaps it was the different classes, but somehow I was becoming close with people I had barely seen when I was younger.  

It was such a change to have older kids in classes as well.  Teachers waited barely a day to get started and sports were already in full swing.  Somehow the lines seemed so much more blurred between grades than they did in Middle school. 

As a freshman it can be very nerve-racking when entering high school for the first time. As much as it may seem like a confusing jumble of information, with clubs being offered to me from every angle and as though everywhere I turned there was another first meeting, there are so many great opportunities. There is definitely more work, but I know for sure that Hills East is going to be an exciting four years!