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Hills East Very Own – Jack Nevins At Adelphi Press Day!

By: Jayden Neidell

Every school year, Adelphi University hosts a Press Day where aspiring journalists can have a chance to speak to other journalists and participate in many workshops. The students were able to hear from editors, writers, and authors. These journalists and writers shared their stories regarding how they got into the field of journalism and what events they had to tackle in order to be in this position. The Press Day is usually held each year in December, but the past two Decembers were occupied by COVID. This has been the first time in three years that the Press Day was held as well as in the month of February.

Hills East has made a name for themselves in regards to winning awards for their Newspaper. The Thunderbird has won over 30 awards during the infamous Quill Award show at Adelphi. This year, the Thunderbirds were represented by the Editor-In-Chief, Jack Nevins. Jack is a Junior at Hills East and has made a name for himself in the world of media within school and in the real world. Jack has written for The Thunderbird since ninth grade, was promoted to Sports Editor in his Sophomore year, and now occupies the role of Editor-In-Chief. Jack has written over 40 articles for school newspaper and is continuing to publish articles daily! Adelphi’s Press Day gave Jack the chance to speak to journalists and obtain advice on how to become the best writer and journalist possible.

We hope to see Jack, along with the entire Thunderbird staff, at next year’s Press Day representing Hills East. But as for Jack, we are rooting for him all the way, as he continues to shed light on The Thunderbird and we wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors.