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Speak Life, End Bullying: The Musical

By: Favor Adewole

Bullying is indeed a mystery of life, as even today many students have been victims of unwanted hurt and intimidation. This act has quite a list of side effects, particularly for the younger generation. On February 8, 2023 HSE arranged for all grades to watch an exceptional presentation: a live recording of “Speak Life, End Bullying: The Musical.” This is indeed a mix of mainstream entertainment and life-changing content all in one package, and despite it being a simple message, that is what makes it so powerful. According to its official website,, the creators behind this musical, Dan and Rebecca Burd, have been spreading their message and inspiring change in schools across the country for years. However, when faced with the pandemic, that was no longer an option — so they had to compromise. Come 2021, this musical became a full-blown movie, and it has been aired in schools all across the country. We happened to be in one of those schools, and many of us, if not all of us, were pretty pumped to have this experience. Personally speaking, this film didn’t disappoint one bit! They manage to cover surprisingly deep aspects of bullying in a relatable, and overall, fun way that even kids under 13 can appreciate. Some of these characters’ stories, like Daniel for example, show that there is life beyond the hurt. You can be that life for someone who’s suffering from shame, weakness, and worthlessness. One could easily tell the goal of this musical was to leave a lasting impact that would empower the next generation and inspire others to “Speak Life,” because nothing will start until you take action. Another goal was to ensure students understand that if they want to see change, they must become the change they want to see. This digital campaign to end bullying has shown that change is possible – and it starts with us. That alone is something worth celebrating.