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Pep Rally 2023!

By: Jaclyn Kalina

A gymnasium full of high school students in their school colors, cheering on their fellow classmates and peers; nothing is better! At the end of spirit week with days ranging from western to pajama day, the student body of High School East congregated for the school’s pep rally of 2023.

Here is a recap of the amusing events that took place at pep rally for those who may have missed, or perhaps for those who would like to reminisce!

At the start of the pep rally, school sports teams were announced and were cheered on by everyone else. From the tennis teams, golf teams, volleyball teams, and many others, everyone applauded and cheered on the school’s talented athletic teams. With the homecoming football game near, the players on the football team were announced, highlighting the team captains that are a vital part of the team.

Aside from athletics, the Homecoming court and nominees were announced at Pep Rally as well. The homecoming couples dressed up as varying themes, from Nicki Minaj & Justin Beiber to different rappers. The crowd screamed for their favorite homecoming nominees and the winner was later announced at the Homecoming football game.

Performances from the cheer team and Dixettes were fan favorites. The cheer team performed first, showcasing their abundance of skills and intricate stunts. Following the cheer team, the Dixettes performed for the crowd. They performed a dance made up of 3 sections: pom, kick, and hip hop. Their enjoyable mashup of songs accompanied with their undeniable talent was entertaining to watch. The cheer team will continue to perform at football games as well as basketball games, and the Dixettes will perform at competition and basketball games as well!

Throughout the events of pep rally, numerous competitions took place where the grades got to battle it out through different activities. Challenges like keeping an egg balanced on a spoon as well as simple running relays gave students the opportunity to compete for their respective grade. Pep rally was a huge success, and I can’t wait to see what they plan for pep rallies in the future!