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Thunderbird Newspaper Dominates at the LI Press Awards

By Lauren Peller

For the second consecutive year, the Thunderbird won a second place designation in a high school newspaper competition hosted by the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA). This honor was awarded as part of a national competition that considered the quality of high school newspapers. As part of this submission, the ASPA also provided detailed feedback so the newspaper staff can address areas that can be improved and can work toward a first place designation next year.

In addition, the Thunderbird won a total of 36 awards, almost double the amount received last year, at the 2017 Long Island Press Journalism Awards held at Hofstra University on Monday, May 30th. This included awards for both the print paper and the online edition. The Long Island Press Journalism Awards honored the very best journalism produced by students throughout Long Island. With nearly 2,000 entries from over 2 dozen high schools across Long Island, the judges acknowledged that “the quality of submissions gives us hope that the public will be well served by the next generation of journalists.”

The Thunderbird dominated this year at the competition. Our paper received 2nd place for overall best newspaper of the year on Long Island and 1st place for best online edition. We swept the online award category, taking home every possible award within the category. In addition, our editor-in-chief, Lauren Peller, received an honorable mention for student journalist of the year on Long Island. Our staff was well represented across multiple categories. Our advisors, Mrs.Dalton and Mrs.Davis, commented that this year the Thunderbird performed the best ever and took the paper to the next level. They are both extremely proud of the staff and editors for all of their hard work. Congratulations to all of our winners! This is an amazing accomplishment for the Thunderbird! Go T-BIRDS!


The Thunderbird – Long Island Press Awards, 2017

Newspaper of the Year (print) – 2nd place

Online Paper of the Year – 1st place

Student Journalist of the Year – Lauren Peller, Honorable Mention

Rebello Community Service Award – Lauren Peller, 3rd place – “Justice for Youth by Youth: Huntington Youth Court”

Community Service Reporting – Alyssa Schmidt, 3rd place – “We Fight the Fight: Team Doc”

Education – Local Issues – Lauren Peller, 2nd place – “We The People Team Demonstrates Constitutional Knowledge at States”

Energy Reporting – Lindsay Korman, 1st place – “Preserve the Reservation”

Environmental Story – Lindsay Korman, 1st place – “Preserve the Reservation”

Feature – Local – Lauren Peller, 3rd place – “Justice for Youth by Youth: Huntington Youth Court”

Food Commentary – Rachel Rosenstein, 1st place – “Long Island Super Bowls”

 Hallie Schuster, 1st place – “Taste the Chocolatey Goodness” 

Lauren Peller, 3rd place – “Cha Cha for Matcha”

Food Restaurant Review – Rachel Rosenstein, 1st place – “Rustic Root”

Rachel Rosenstein, 3rd place – “Long Island Super Bowls”

First Amendment/Freedom of Speech – Aditi Patil, 2nd place – “Protests at Berkeley”

 Lauren Peller, 3rd place-“WTP Supreme Court”

Government – Local – Lindsay Korman, 2nd – “Subway Passengers Erase…”

 Anish Pisipati, 3rd – “5-cent Bag Fee in NYC”

Headline Entertainment – Lauren Peller, 2nd – “Skip the Forks and Join the Spoon…”

Headline Editorial – Rachel Rosenstein, 3rd – “Long Island Super Bowls”

Political/Local Feature – Carina Boyce, 1st – “Women’s March Across America”

Review/Criticism – Alexa Grill, 2nd – “This is Us Season Finale Gets Mixed Reviews”

Travel – Lauren Hochheiser & Brooke Blumberg, 3rd – “Assisting the NOLA Community…”

Photo, Print – Alyssa Schmidt, 2nd, “We Fight the Fight: Team Doc”

Online Arts & Entertainment – Jolie Freedman, 3rd – “Lady Gaga Gives Fans…”

Emily Disman, 2nd – “A Story that Needs to be Told”

 Austin Krach, 1st – “Reboot or Bust”

Online Photo Series – Rachel Schier, 3rd – “There’s Always Room For Dessert”

 Maryanne Mahoney, 2nd – “Electricity”

 Rachel Schier, 1st – “Ben & Jerry’s Core Flavors”

Online Feature – Rachel Rosenstein, 3rd – “Shake Shack Attack….Melville”

Lauren Peller, 2nd – “Hidden Gem in Heckscher Park”

 Rachel Rosenstein, 1st – “Mediterranean Snack Bar”

Online Editorial – Alyssa Schmidt, 3rd – “Cover Girl’s New Cover Boy”

 Andrew Yanover, 2nd – “Yes We Khan”

 Andrew Yanover, 1st – “Two Too Many”