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The Return of School Sports

By: Blake Taylor

After a long hiatus due to guidelines surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, sports at High School East are finally making their return. Previously, high-risk sports were considered too dangerous with the rising number of Covid cases, but now that there is more knowledge about the virus and numbers are beginning to diminish, more appropriate precautions can be taken to remain safe while still participating in the activities and sports we love. Steve Bellone, County Executive of Suffolk County, announced that high-risk sports could resume in Suffolk County. In the past, this decision was in the hands of Andrew Cuomo, but Cuomo stated that each county could now decide for itself. As a result, some of the sports that could be or will be returning are football, basketball, lacrosse, and wrestling. The comeback of these popular sports will hopefully bring some normalcy and joy back into the lives of sports players and fans. 

While this news is hopeful and promising, precautions still need to be taken to protect players, coaches, and staff from Covid-19. Players will need to take Covid tests weekly, have their temperature taken, practice outside as much as possible, social distance when not directly playing, and follow all CDC guidelines. Players need to follow the same CDC guidelines as anyone else, such as quarantining if they were exposed or test positive. To keep the number of positive cases down and to continue participating in the games they love, these rules must be taken seriously by all involved. Players will have to take a pledge stating that they will follow the necessary precautions and guidelines. 

Hopefully, the return of sports will be successful and will provide the entire HSE community with yet another step back towards normalcy in what has been an unprecedented year.

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