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New Yeezys Expand Kanye’s Brand

By: Seth Breinberg

Since 2015, Kanye and Adidas have been working together to create the line of shoes we all know now: Yeezy. Recently, Yeezy has been giving us a lot of new, unique colors and silhouettes, which is exciting. Prior to this new insurgence, we saw a lot of similar-looking sneakers from Yeezy, so an update is refreshing. One of the newest and most profound sneakers is the Yeezy 380 ‘Alien’. This shoe is somehow even more comfortable than past Yeezy sneakers. More of Adidas’s “Boost” material was incorporated here, and it shows. The Boost runs all throughout the midsole and heel. The upper of the shoe is similar to previous Yeezy models, with the same Primeknit, and it has an almost camouflage pattern. One of the biggest changes is the ankle collar. This has never been featured on a Yeezy before, and it’s a really nice touch that improves the look of the shoe. Retailing at $230 USD and reselling in the $400-$500 range, this is definitely a pricey shoe, but if you’re willing to spend that kind of money on sneakers, this shoe is the right way to go.

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