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Saying Goodbye to Brangelina

By Emily Disman

After hearing about Angelina Jolie’s decision to file for divorce from Brad Pitt on September 19th, 2016, the entire nation was in complete shock. Social media was blowing up with people’s reactions towards this couple’s split. While many many were completely devastated and claimed that they “would never leave their houses again,” some found it as a positive occurrence, thinking that it might be beneficial for both Brad and Angelina. Not only was the idea of the separation itself surprising to the public, but no one expected the divorce to get as bad as it did, as quickly as it did.  On top of everything else, many people just could not believe that this Hollywood power couple was pulling the plug.

Together, the couple have six children, three of which were adopted internationally. Jolie has already asked for complete physical custody and joint legal custody of all six children. Sources say that this decision was based solely on the fact that Angelina was not comfortable with the way that Brad chose to parent their children. Angelina was annoyed with Brad’s large consumption of marijuana and alcohol, considering that this could be dangerous for the kids and sets a bad example. She also claims that Brad has a slight anger problem which would eventually lead to a negative environment for their children to live in. To support her claim, Angelina was ready to pull Brad’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, into court to confirm his extensive use of drugs and alcohol. Also, a  couple of days before Jolie filed for divorce, Brad was accused of physically and verbally abusing his children. Jolie was strategic in petitioning for divorce when she did because of these allegations. This eventually led Jolie to be successful in obtaining the custody that she requested. In the end, Jolie agreed that Brad could get visitation, but for the safety of the children, he is subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Both Brad and Angelina also have to attend individual, as well as family counseling as a part of their divorce agreement. Despite recent allegations of infidelity, Angelina’s entertainment attorney, Robert Offer, claims that Angelina decided to file for divorce for the “health of the family” and not because their was another person involved.

Although many things are still left unknown or undecided by the two, it is pretty much confirmed that this is the end of this celebrity power couple. While some people may still have a slight sense of hope, I think that it is safe to say that this is the end of Brangelina as we know it.

Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair