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The Fitness Guru is Back to Help You Find that Summer Body

By James Haddad

Winter is almost over which means it is time to stop hiding behind your oversized shirts and cut out the belly fat. To make sure the muscle you’ve attained from your winter bulk shows through in  the summer, you need to shed weight in the spring. To do this, you have to change  your reps and diet. In the winter, it is a good idea to do lower reps at a higher weight in order to truly build mass and strength; in the spring and summer, when people begin to cut, they will usually do higher reps at a lower weight in order to truly tone their muscles. Cardio is also important at this time. The common myth that “cardio kills gains,” meaning if you do cardio you lose muscle, is false. Unless you’re running 10 miles a day and eating no carbs at all, you don’t lose muscle, so don’t use this is as an excuse not to do cardio. High intense interval training, or HIIT, is a method of cardio that’s a surefire way of burning fat alone. An example of HIIT is sprints. The magic of an exercise like this is that your body still continuously burns fat even after you’re done working out! Although it’s extremely tiring, it takes a significantly less amount of time to burn the same amount of calories than traditional sprinting.

Although exercise is a huge part of your blueprint for your summer body, diet is extremely important as well. It is as simple as staying low on carbs and high on protein. A superfood in a diet like this is eggs. Eggs are extremely nutritious and have almost zero carbs. Chicken and fish are also lean proteins. You don’t have to go out to a fancy place or buy a swordfish from the market; it could be as simple as buying a can of tuna. The key is to make sure you switch up the kind of fish you eat because eating too much tuna can lead to dangerously high levels of mercury. Chicken is what most people use for a lean source of protein, but it gets tiring to eat the same, dry meal all the time, so make sure you can find creative ways to keep your taste for it, such as grilling with different sauces. I hope my tips help you to kick start your healthy, summer lifestyle; see you when it’s sunny!