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The Newest Trend in Hydration: BLK water

By: Maya Hoffman and Skylar Semon

The new drink “BLK.” water has been recently trending in the world of social media, and the black-colored water is a new fitness sensation. The water is infused with vitamins and minerals to help athletes achieve optimal fitness performance. The vitamins and minerals also give water a higher pH of 8.0 (regular water has a neutral pH of 7). The water comes in different flavors, including coconut, black cherry, blueberry, strawberry, and lemonade.  BLK contains a blend of alkaline fulvic trace mineral and an electrolyte complex, which helps athletes live an active life. The electrolytes help keep the athletes hydrated, and the minerals help with repairing muscles. This is an evolution of water, and it offers many health benefits, but does it taste good? 

After looking at reviews of the water online, we realized many people thought it had an aftertaste, and others thought it was like plain water. Besides the color, BLK is supposed to be like normal water, just with more health benefits. After digging deep into different opinions people shared, we decided to perform our own experiment. We purchased the BLK water and tasted it. We noticed it had a slight after taste; however, we were not sure if this was a placebo effect. We then did a blind taste test to see if the water actually had a water-like taste. After trying both regular and BLK water while blindfolded, we noticed the water did not actually have an aftertaste. In fact, when guessing which was the BLK water, we actually picked the regular water. 

Overall, the BLK water possesses many health benefits that regular water does not. We would recommend this to those struggling to stay hydrated, high-performing athletes, and/or anyone with an active lifestyle. This water is also good for hydration because unlike Gatorade, it does not have added sugars and chemicals. Overall, we approve of the BLK water and would definitely buy it again.

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