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Trust Me and Try Out La Pecora Bianca

By: Leah Sycoff

On occasion, I enjoy some quality sibling time with my brother in the city for a delectable dinner. This time, we went to my favorite restaurant, La Pecora Bianca. I have been to this establishment many times over the past several years, and I have seen it grow in popularity quite a lot recently. There are three locations: Nomad, Midtown, and Soho… all equally marvelous. I entered to view the generously spaced tables and great covid precautions and was seated towards the center of the room.

La Pecora Bianca is one of those places, especially for me, where you look at the menu and everything sticks out as a good choice to order, not just one or two things. This time, I decided to try out one of the pastas called Garganelli and picked the Brussels Sprouts side. My mouth was watering when the food arrived. The perfect portion size, color, and amount of excitement sitting right in front of me. 

The Garganelli pasta was generously coated in an extraordinary pesto sauce. One taste and I will dream of this pasta to sauce taste and ratio forever. Along with the pesto was a bunch of mushrooms seasoned amazingly and some arugula. To finalize the best dish I have ever tasted, there was pecorino romano cheese sprinkled atop the abundant flavors. Taking a pause from this plate, I tasted the Brussels Sprouts. These little green bunches were out of this world. They had chilli flakes on them, one of my favorite toppers if I do say so myself, as well as a drizzle of lemon and honey. Somewhere incorporated into the dish was a little rosemary which made for the best Brussels Sprouts accent. If you find yourself at one of the three locations, I highly recommend the extremely indulgent Garganelli pasta dish and the Brussels Sprouts side. 

To finalize the meal, I ordered the famous La Pecora Bianca Tiramisu for Two. WOW was that a great choice. I usually eat too much and cannot order dessert here, but I felt it was time to try this Italian dessert. The Tiramisu was absolutely adorable! As one may know, Tiramisu has a layer of powdered cacao on top, but this layer was extra special. It was surrounding the shape of a “pecora bianca” or in english a “white sheep.” Even with my extremely full self, I somehow ate a majority of the two person dish. I will definitely order this dessert many times to come, even if it means it is for “to go.”

Overall, La Pecora Bianca is most definitely still my favorite restaurant. I do not see that changing any time soon. If you decide to try it out, please invite me along!

Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor