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Seniors: Where do you go From Here?

By: Brianna Kalina

It probably feels like just yesterday that you were a nervous little freshman, anxiously running your new schedule at orientation. High School East probably seemed like an endless maze of classrooms, and graduating wasn’t even a thought. Within the blink of an eye, you now have to leave this chapter of your life behind and think about your future plans. Here is some realistic, curated advice to help give you a sense of hope and direction. 

Being eighteen and having to decide what to do with the rest of your life is a scary and daunting task. There are endless paths you can take from here – whether it is going to college, joining the military, or even heading straight into the workforce. No matter what path you take, there are going to be struggles. There are times when you will face an identity crisis and question everything, so one of the most important tips you can receive is to start believing everything happens for a reason. Do not be afraid to change the plans for your future. Being stuck with a job that is not enjoyable is worse than starting something late. One huge change you will experience is the elimination of rules – some find it hard to keep structure with the lack of supervision. Remember that you have the power to leave your past behind and that your actions do not have as much of a consequence. Because of this, be very cautious of your decisions: while freedom can be an amazing thing, sometimes a lack of supervision at a ripe age can hurt you. Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask for help! It is hard trying to plan a future path on your own, and there are so many resources that you can use to help guide you. Always try to network and make connections with people because you never know who or what can help you at different times in your life.

The possibilities for your future are endless. This is the start of a new beginning, one that you have the power to make your own. Failure, which is always inevitable, will only guide you to success.

Photo courtesy of MD Duran on Unsplash