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Congratulations to the Class of 2021

Compiled by: Jesse Boxenhorn and Leah Sycoff

Congratulations to the class of 2021! It is time to put on your cap and gown and cross the stage in front of all of those you love. You have waited for this moment for at least four years. You have studied, work hard, and formed relationships that will last a lifetime. High School graduation is much more than just the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It marks the change from childhood to adulthood – you now have the world at your fingertips, so get out there and make your future amazing! We wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in all your future endeavors, and we can’t wait to see what mark you leave on the world. On behalf of the entire Thunderbird staff and its advisors, congratulations once again and let the journey begin!

HSE 12th graders Class of 2021

Photo courtesy of Brooke Helmes

Thomas Addison: SUNY Binghamton

Justin Adler: Vanderbilt University

Victoria Albanese: Rice University

Derek Alek: Farmingdale State College

Moses Alfonso: Molloy College

Victoria Alicanti: University of Tampa

Jasmine Alicea: Stony Brook University 

Tyler Altamirano: SUNY Binghamton

Julia Anszelowicz: City College

Crystal Archer: Fordham University

Jamie Aronowitz: SUNY Oneonta

Ammad Azeemi: Suffolk Community College

Treavor Baker: SUNY Binghamton

Skylar Bard: SUNY Buffalo

Aaron Bart: Cornell University

Ethan Bart: Hofstra University

Sophia Bass: The Ohio State University

Mara Bautista-Peralta

Djanae Bazile: Study abroad Spain, transferring to SUNY Binghamton

Lauren Becker: Hofstra University 

Kyle Behrens: The Ohio State University

Adrianna Bellini: Adelphi University

Samuel Benson: Stony Brook University

Jared Berlin: University of Vermont

Matthew Bernstein: University of Connecticut

Justin Bessen: The Ohio State University

Madison Bezzina: Northeastern University

Joseph Biancaniello: Georgia Institute of Technology

Matthew Birnhak: Trinity College

Alex Blass: The Ohio State University

Obiri-Yeboah Boadu: Cornell University

Abigail Bonat: Barnard College

Olivia Borruso: University of Delaware

Jesse Boxenhorn: University of Michigan

Shannon Boyle: SUNY Buffalo

Jason Braun: University of Southern California

Ethan Breakstone: Indiana University

Kailey Brecher: Cornell University

Kayla Bress: University of Pittsburgh

Dylan Bretschneider: Northeastern University

Benjamin Brett: The University of Alabama

Madison Brigati: Indiana University

Brooke Broder: University of Florida

Skylar Byer-Mixon: SUNY Oneonta

Michael Cafone: University of Maryland

Gonzalo Calderon: Farmingdale State College

Sara Ann Califano: The City College of New York

Hope Calvet: Taking a gap year, working

Jake Caspi: SUNY Binghamton

Logan Castro: SUNY Delhi

Jesse Chemtob: Boston University

Edison Chen: University of Buffalo

Janelle Chen: University of California

Rachel Chizner: University of Georgia

Benjamin Chozahinoff: The Ohio State University

Vansh Chugh: Boston University

Aden Cohen: University of Miami

Nicholas Cohen: University of Colorado at Boulder

Sophie Cohen: University of Florida

Tori Cohen: Long Island University 

Ashley Cohon: University of Miami

Brandon Cosentino: SUNY Cortland

Isabella Craven: Hunter College

Emmanuelle Crittendon: University of Miami

Andrea Cruz: SUNY Buffalo

Sarah Cruz: Johnson and Wales University

Zachary Cunningham: SUNY Potsdam

Zofia Czarzasty: University of Delaware

Brad D’Amico: Suffolk Community College

Juliana D’Amico: New York Institute of Technology 

Karin Dauber: Serving in the Israeli Defense Force 

Morgan Davis: Fisk University

Joshua DeCicco: The Ohio State University

Marissa DeLuca: SUNY Cortland

Sriya Dhanikonda: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Jami Disman: Syracuse University

Vanessa Dumerville: Nassau Community College

Samantha Dunston: Marist College

Amanda Ehrlich: The Ohio State University

Maya Elgavisch: SUNY Binghamton

Sahil Faran: Hofstra University

Jack Feinstein: University of Wisconsin

Charli Feldman: University of Delaware

Jaret Fensterstock: University of Miami

Tanner Fisher: University of Rochester

Ethan Fishlow: SUNY Binghamton

Julia Fitlin: University of Maryland

Christopher Fitzpatrick

Joshua Foodim: Indiana University 

Alyssa Fouad: St. Joseph’s College

Kiosha Fowlkes: Dartmouth College

Justin Frank: SUNY Binghamton

Jared Gallub: Nebraska Wesleyan University

Armaan Ganshani: SUNY Old Westbury

Alyssa Garbus: George Washington University

Abby Garbut: The Ohio State University

David Gardner: Boston University

Avery Garnets: University of Arizona

Dylan Genatt: Penn State University

Maya Gerber: Union College

Jake Glassberg: Miami University 

Benjamin Glazebnik: Vassar College

Andrew Glick: University of Buffalo

Andrew Gluck: Five Towns College

Isabelle Gobjila: Florida Atlantic University

Beck Goed: Long Island University

Jacob Gold: Quinnipiac University

Christopher Goldblatt: SUNY Buffalo

Benjamin Goldfried: Duke University

Noah Goldman: Rowan University

Rachel Goldstein: University of Delaware

Lindsay Gordon: Indiana University

Lily Gosin: Cornell University

Carly Grafstein: Syracuse University

Jesse Greenberg: University of South Carolina 

Cecilia Griffith: Villanova University

Jessie Grill: University of Southern California

Ali Hamrah: Syracuse University

Amie Han: SUNY Buffalo

Bria Harden: SUNY Binghamton 

Ryan Hartman: SUNY Cortland

Syed Hassan: Rutgers University 

Benjamin Heller: University of Illinois

Nathaly Hernandez: Hofstra University 

Joi Higgins: Stony Brook University

Nancy Holland: SUNY Oneonta

Sydney Homler: University of Maryland

Ridhi Hora: Fordham University

Kevin Hoxha: Georgia Institute of Technology

Ean Huang: University of Minnesota

Tymell Hubbard: Kean University

Maaz Iqbal: Indiana University

Myles Jackson: University of North Dakota

Michael Jaramillo.Cardona: US Army

Cody Jean: Five Towns College

Soledad Jean: University of Louisville

Grace Jean-Baptiste: Lincoln University

Kaitlyn Jedreicich: Pace University

Jack Jeshiva: University of Maryland

Juliana Josinsky: Stony Brook University

Madison Kahn: University of Florida

Ursula Kalatzis: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Celine Kaoma: SUNY Albany

Anna Kaplan: University of Michigan

Nicholas Kasper:  East Stroudsburg University

Skylar Kaston: University of Michigan

Jordan Katz: Adelphi University

Julia Katz: Stony Brook University

Justin Katz: Adelphi University

Jacob Kaye: Syracuse University

Dylan Keskinyan: Georgia Institute of Technology

Brandon Kessler: Adelphi University

Fatima Khwaja: New York Institute of Technology

Ishan Zakariya Khwaja: New York University 

Suhaima Khwaja: Hofstra University

Sumaiyah Khwaja: Brandeis University

Reid Klaben: University of Delaware

Damien Klein: University of Wisconsin

Cassandra Kobel: The Ohio State University

Sanya Kochar: Suffolk Community College

Josie Koehler: The George Washington University

Ryan Koval: SUNY Binghamton

Kyle Krauss: The Ohio State University

Kayla Kutner: SUNY Purchase

Bianca LaBarbera: Sacred Heart University

Emma Laimo: SUNY Oneonta 

Katelyn Lalehzar: Long Island University

Jacob Lamboy: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Marissa Lane: Stony Brook University 

Lindsay Lao: American University

Brandon Lee: Queensborough Community College

Jayne Lehmann: University of Georgia

Dillon Leibowitz: University of Alabama

Madeleine Lerner: Barnard College 

Julia Levin: The Ohio State University

Dylan Levy: The University of Texas at Austin

Aidan Limerick: University of Delaware

Richard Lin: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abigail Liu: Northeastern University

Andrew Luchese: Florida State University

Matthew Luchese: Florida State University

Maria Lutz: SUNY Oswego

Aaron Mahabirsingh: Farmingdale State College

Emily Mahoney: University of Delaware

Molly Malaby: Bucknell University

Anisa Malik: University of Miami

Ethan Malinow: Elon University

Andrew Mallen: Rochester Institute of Technology

Peter Mancera: St. John’s University

Subah Manchanda: SUNY Buffalo

Jessica Mangulis: St. Joseph’s College

Skylar Marco: Farmingdale State College

Madeline Marcus: University of Wisconsin

Benicio Marra: Farmingdale State College

Jillian Martin: Boston College

Jessica Melissen: University of New Haven

Andrew Menkes: Rensselaer Institute of Technology

Zachary Merousis: Stony Brook University

Ryan Messinger: Florida State University

Gabrielle Michals: SUNY Binghamton

Chloe Mihos: University of Hartford

Alexander Milano: University of Scranton

Ella Milchan: Tulane University

Drew Miller: Indiana University 

Kamiylah Monroe: West Virginia University

Elizabeth Moon: Cornell Universiry

Jewel Moore: SUNY Buffalo

Jared Moskowitz: University of Buffalo

Jamie Moss: Syracuse University

Tanaaz Muhayya: Stony Brook University

Mumtaaz Najimi: Hofstra University

Adam Nathan: University of Michigan

Kendall Ng: Bates College

Jason Nguyen: University of Buffalo

Jason Nguyen: University at Buffalo

Bernites Nicolas: Suffolk Community College

Hannah Nissenbaum: University of Maryland

Lauren Novak: Lafayette College

Sophia Omar: Hofstra University

Nicholas Padagus: SUNY Binghamton

Reese Palmer: Cornell University

David Palumbo: University of Buffalo

Stephanie Parissi: US Navy

Ishani Patel: Villanova University

Marissa Patlin: SUNY Binghamton

Sydney Perry: The Ohio State University

Benjamin Peskin: Indiana University

Derek Peskin: SUNY Binghamton

Julia Peskin: University of Delaware

Michelle Pesner: Penn State University

Jake Petruzzelli: Lehigh University

Olivia Pfeiffer: New York Institute of Technology

Tamson Pham: SUNY Binghamton

Dylan Pipa: Villanova University 

Nia Pope: SUNY Albany

Sabrina Puglisi: Sacred Heart University

Sam Puglisi: University of Maryland

Aidan Raab: Syracuse University

Bineisha Raina: Boston College

Max Rallo: Florida State University

Camryn Ramlogan: SUNY Potsdam

Alex Raphaelson: The Ohio State University

Atreya Rawat: University of Wisconsin

Alyssa Razzano: SUNY Albany

Kayla Renard: University of Maryland

Lamisa Risa: Baruch College

Victor Romano: Rochester Institute of Technology

Samantha Rosenberg: University of Michigan

Lillian Rosenblatt: University of Wisconsin

Sam Rothman: SUNY Cortland

Michael Russo: University of Hartford

Jennifer Sachs: University of Virginia

Ryan San Jose: Northeastern University

Joshua Santangelo: The Ohio State University

Logan Schanars: Colorado Mesa University

Jake Schare: University of Maryland

Natalie Schiff: University of Virginia

Courtney Schmitt: Springfield College

Emma Schwartz: University of Rhode Island

Scott Schwartz: University of Pittsburgh

Rachel Selden: University of Florida

Ava Serure: American University

Rahul Shah: Syracuse University

Ria Shah: Syracuse University

Suraj Sharma: Cornell University 

Tamar Sharoni: The Ohio State University

Ashna Shetty: SUNY Binghamton

Neel Shetty: Northeastern University

Sohan Shetty: Cornell University

Rayanna Shwom: Washington University in St. Louis

Dylan Siegmann: The University of Maryland

Arya Sikaroodi: Stony Brook University

Max Silver: University of Buffalo

Ashley Silverberg: University of Michigan

Remi Sisselman: Bucknell University

Brandon Sivin: Northeastern University

Athina Sofroniou: St. John’s University

Gia Song: New York University

Ellie Sotiropoulos: Hofstra University

George Sotiropoulos: Fordham University

Brooke Speicher: Purdue University

Darren Spielman: University of Wisconsin

Ryan Steinberg: University of Wisconsin

Samantha Steinwolf: Tulane University

Cori Sternstein: Hofstra University 

Ashley Sukoff: The Ohio State University

Kira Sundberg: Boston University

Leah Sycoff: The University of Texas at Austin

Sarina Tan: Emory University

Gianna Tantillo: University of Virginia

Blake Taylor: University of Georgia

Joseph Tomassi: SUNY Binghamton

Victoria Tong: Dartmouth College

Samantha Tran: Stony Brook University

Michael Tuzzolo: SUNY Oneonta

Julisa Vargas: Hofstra University

Kimberly Vasquez: Nassau Community College

Benjamin Vogel: University of Buffalo

Caris Walker: Howard University

Sydni Weidner: Penn State University

Gabriella Weiss: Florida State University

Zachary Weiss: Northeastern University

Matthew Williams: Wilkes University 

Cole Wohlleben: Marist College

Steven Xiao: University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Carly Yanover: University of Texas at Austin

Zeina Zahoori: University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Remi Zakarin: Cornell University

Alex Zeh: University of Wisconsin

All other photos courtesy of Allyson Uttendorfer