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East Side Steppers Steal the Show

By: Brooke Gronich

Congratulations to the East Side Steppers who recently competed in their first ever competition and brought home the 2nd place trophy.  This second annual step competition, known as “Steppin’ for a Cause,” was held on November 9th at Huntington High School. Numerous Long Island high school teams came together to participate in this fun and meaningful event. The Hills East step team offers students an opportunity to explore and master a form of dance that originated in Africa and has remained a premiere method of expression for generations. Stepping requires dancers to use their entire body as an instrument and create a dance made up with powerful footsteps, uplifting spoken word, and energetic hand claps. The East Side Steppers are always a fan favorite at school events; now, the rest of Long Island gets to experience yet another talented group of HSE students. A very special thank you to Mrs. Brown, the club advisor, for bringing this awesome club back to Hills East in 2013. The step team is currently looking for more competitions in the area to continue showing off their impressive skills and will be sure to continue making HSE proud. Once again, congratulations to all members of the East Side Steppers and Mrs. Brown, and keep up the amazing work!

Photo Courtesy of Chip Parker