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Senior Banquet

By: Jayden Neidell

This year’s senior banquet was a success! On January 27th, all seniors arrived at the East Gym, wearing their favorite dresses and button-down shirts, excited to celebrate reaching the official halfway mark of their senior year. 

Surrounded by their classmates, students spent their evening dancing and singing to music played by a DJ. Amazing food — including dinner catered from Cirella’s and classic dessert options — was provided to the students, a perfect way to celebrate the milestone of becoming a second-semester senior. 

In the weeks leading up to this night, students voted for which classmates they wanted to receive this year’s senior superlatives. Some of this year’s superlatives included “Attached at the Hip”, “Best Dressed”, “Class Couple”, “Teacher’s Pet”, “Most Likely to be President”, “Best to Bring Home to Mom”, and “Most Athletic”. All superlatives were awarded to two students nominated by their peers, a highlight of many senior’s nights, regardless of if they were a recipient of one of these superlative awards. 

Of course, this night would not have been possible without the help of the Hills East faculty who planned the event and set it up prior to the arrival of students. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior student government volunteers also helped the faculty in setting up the gym and serving the seniors their dinners. By the end of the night, all seniors left happy, full, and feeling proud of their accomplishments for the past three and a half years at Hills East, making all the work worth it.

By: Harley Semon and Grace Katz

On January 27th, High School East hosted the annual senior banquet. The whole grade gathered to celebrate the “halfway point” of the seniors last year of high school. The event was filled with great energy with a DJ playing hit songs and the dance floor was filled with people dancing. The event was catered by the local restaurant, Cirellas, and had multiple great Italian options to appease anyone’s appetite. Penne ala vodka, garlic knot, caesar salad, and so much more! Another major highlight of the event was the Senior Year video. The yearbook club did a wonderful job of collecting pictures of seniors’ experiences throughout the year thus far. After this the prom theme was announced – night in Paris. And to top off the night the senior superlatives were announced. Some of them included: Class Cutie, Most Typical HSE Senior, Most Athletic, Most likely to be President, Most Energetic, and more! All seniors had a great night cherishing memories of their final year as Thunderbirds at High School East.