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How Brands are Adapting Their Marketing Strategies to a Quarantined Audience

By: Emily Sobel

As consumers, we long for the days of going to our favorite boutiques, dining in our favorite restaurants, and sweating it out at the gym. Due to the Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Order, we now shop, dine, and exercise all within the comfort of our own home. There is no question that businesses that continue to keep us engaged, interact digitally, and convey socially responsible messages during this pandemic crisis will be able to sustain brand loyalty with their consumers. Here are just two, of many, examples of how some well-known brands are engaging with the community.

  1. NIKE’s #playinside campaign

As we sit, day after day, listening to the White House task force advise us to flatten the curve by staying home, Nike has swiftly responded with a brand campaign which encourages everyone to #playinside. This strategic message has influenced hundreds of thousands of people to become more active while social distancing at home.

Some of the most known professional athletes are helping to expand Nike’s #playinside campaign, including Cristiano Ronaldo. For example, Ronaldo challenged people to beat his record of 142 repetitions of straight-legged crunches in 45 seconds. People of all ages participated, including young children.

Furthermore, The Nike Training Club app has helped support the #playinside campaign as well. NTC Premium is now free and is providing daily support from Nike master trainers. Every Saturday at 8 am, Nike Training Club provides a workout live video with a Nike Master Trainer. Nike’s #playinside campaign has been a massive success, getting hundreds of thousands on their feet.

  1. Estée Lauder’s hand sanitizers

Almost immediately after the Coronavirus was beginning to spread throughout the New York metro area, hand sanitizer became a precious resource. Due to high demand, vendors cannot seem to keep hand sanitizer stocked on their shelves. It is crucial that front-line medical staff who care for Coronavirus patients have access to this precious product in order to protect themselves properly. 

On March 24, Estee Lauder announced that it would reopen a manufacturing company right in our own backyard in Melville to produce hand sanitizer for healthcare personnel. A spokesperson for Estee Lauder stated, “We are grateful to our employees who have worked tirelessly to make this possible. Compensated, employee volunteers will support this vital, meaningful effort.

The Estée Lauder Companies stands with the global community to help limit the spread of the virus and ease the related economic hardships faced by the communities in which we live and work.” Additionally, this world-renowned beauty organization donated $2 million to Doctors Without Borders in support of countries that lack healthcare resources.

Nike and Estee Lauder are just two of many companies working hard to make sure they maintain social responsibility and continue to convey a positive brand image to the public during this pandemic crisis. 

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