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Covid VS. The Winter Olympics 2022

By: Nikki Frankel

            Whether it is the summer or winter olympics, this time of year is exciting. Sitting around the TV watching the olympiads playing your favorite sport, hoping one day to maybe follow in their footsteps. However, in 2019, a pandemic demanded a worldwide quarantine. Since then the Olympics and many other major events have been postponed or even canceled because of the massive pandemic. Typically 11,500 olympiads take place in the olympics, and that’s without fans and spectators. This environment is definitely not COVID friendly but in 2022, the winter olympics are back. There are restrictions for these olympics but there is relief in the fact that they are even occurring. So what do the Olympics look like during a COVID-19 pandemic? To begin, there has been a massive drop in the number of olympiads this year because of the lack of human rights in China. It is so bad that the U.S. considered not attending the winter olympics. But that’s besides COVID. The athletes and officials in the olympics and paralympics must be fully vaccinated against the pandemic, or if one isn’t vaccinated, they have to quarantine for 21 days before entering Beijing. The athletes will be further tested upon their arrival at the airport. Everyone in the venues for the Olympics wears a mask at all times. These restrictions are not huge and this is definitely a step in the right direction. There are thousands of spectators but no fans from other countries will be allowed to enter. With some restrictions, the Olympics are back until February 20, 2022!