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By: Ava Sobel

When I was in ninth grade in May of 2021, I was about to take my very first AP exam in Environmental Science. Feeling anxious and doubtful about my knowledge and readiness for the exam, I decided to enroll in my first review class at the Homework Hub, located in Melville, NY. After just a few hours of review, my pessimistic attitude completely shifted, and I felt much more prepared to conquer my first upcoming AP test. 

Recently, I sat down with the owner of Homework Hub, Tracy Berman, who shared her journey with me about how she transformed her at-home tutoring service into an extremely successful academic learning center.

Tracy spent many years providing 1-on-1 tutoring services within her own home, and became so busy that she decided to open up her own tutoring center in 2012. Her first location in Melville was located in the rear of an office building, and contained about four small classrooms. Through word-of-mouth referrals, and advertising on social media (particularly through Facebook community groups), the Homework Hub grew into a full-service tutoring center offering individual, group tutoring, review classes, AP review and ACT/SAT prep.

In 2016, the Homework Hub outgrew their space and moved to a highly visible storefront location on Route 110 in Melville, NY.  The new location has welcoming large classrooms, whiteboards, bright lighting, and comfortable tables, making the environment a pleasurable learning experience. Additionally, Tracy seeks out and hires teachers in Long Island school districts who are reputable and highly knowledgeable in their respective subjects. Children from all throughout Nassau and Suffolk county travel to the Homework Hub for their tutoring and review sessions because of the professional service Tracy provides for her customers.

Having three children and three dogs of her own, while running her business, I asked Tracy what advice she has for young female entrepreneurs. “If you want to go for it, go for it, but it does not come easy, it takes a lot of hard work, experimenting, trial and error. A woman can accomplish running a business just as much as a man.”