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Organic Krush

By: Ava Sobel

Organic Krush is a healthy eatery created by two New York moms, with a mission to create a healthy, delicious menu that is loved by every single member of the family. They are committed to serving food that is free of pesticides, GMO’s and hormones. I first visited Organic Krush shortly after their Grand Opening in 2015, and soon after, I became a regular customer. What I found most impressive, is how they communicate with their customers to create a loyal following. They offer free, educational speaker events to help teach their clientele how to live a healthy lifestyle. This has included topics such as the benefits of clean eating, exercise, meditation, cooking and more. 

Additionally, they are interactive with customers through social media, email and in-person interactions. After listing to customer requests, they have expanded their menu to offer products in demand such as ready-to-go healthy school lunches, organic meal plans and now they offer breakfast all day. Their commitment to community involvement was on truly on display during the pandemic, as they provided free food to the local hospitals, serving both the healthcare community and ill patients. 

Their incredible commitment to their customers and community has rewarded them with a cult-like following and consequently, has led them to rapid expansion throughout the Metro NY region and beyond.