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S.A.D.D. Club Continues to Make a Difference

By: Rayanna Shwom & Victoria Cipollino

The S.A.D.D (Students Against Destructive Decisions) club focuses on good decision making and the impact of your decisions. This year, the club has mainly focused on the consequences of using illegal substances and driving under the influence. Along with this, the S.A.D.D club held a successful blood drive in November – setting a school record for the most amount of blood donations. While we have not been able to hold meetings in person since mid-March, this club has not given up on trying to make a positive impact. 

Since clubs are currently not able to meet in person, the S.A.D.D club has been having weekly meetings using the Canvas conference feature. This has allowed board members to stay in touch with members in order to keep the club running. However, the focus of the club has temporarily shifted from the dangers of substance use and making overall good decisions to spreading awareness on COVID-19 and how to best avoid putting yourself and others in danger. 

In order to spread this message, S.A.D.D has started a poster campaign.  The members of S.A.D.D began making digital posters addressing good decisions people can make during this time to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. These posters help inspire ways to make a positive impact during quarantine. Posters are then going to be posted on the S.A.D.D. instagram, @hsesadd. Although a small project, this has allowed the club to stay involved in the school community and start thinking about positive choices they can make to stop the spread of COVID-19.