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HSE Brings Holiday Spirit to James E. Allen School

By Mackenzie Gosset

The time between Thanksgiving and December break is often marked by various traditions and celebrations. One tradition that multiple members of the High School East community celebrate the most wonderful time of year is their annual efforts to spread some of their own holiday cheer with the students of James E. Allen at the beloved Holiday Show. The James E. Allen School provides safe and enjoyable learning environments for children who have disabilities. Each year, James E. Allen hosts a holiday show for their students, which includes very special performances by several groups from HSE. Performers and spectators alike look forward to this day that occurs shortly before December break each year. On this day each year, members of High School East’s Student Government, the Dixettes, the cheerleaders, the step team, the band, and the chorus travel to both the James E. Allen middle school and high school to perform and interact with the children. The members of Student Government dress up in christmas-themed costumes and introduce themselves as these much loved characters. In addition, HSE’s kickline team performed several dances, and the cheerleaders dazzled with their spirit. The step team also astonished the audience with their rhythmic claps, slaps, and foot stomps. The very talented music department of High School East was also well represented as the band flawlessly played their instruments, and the chorus sang their hearts out.


Both the High School East students and the James E. Allen students had a blast at this holiday show. Year after year, they remember it as one of the most fun, spirited, and entertaining days of the school year. HSE students fortunate enough to attend this event each year all have the same reaction; they feel lucky to have been a part of an event that brought extra joy into these wonderful children’s lives. Seeing the immeasurable smiles on the children’s faces was so rewarding and gratifying to all of the performers; knowing that they were able to leave such a positive impact on these children in such a short amount of time is truly an emotional experience. High School East can’t wait to be a part of next year’s holiday show, and James E. Allen cannot wait to see what the talented students will bring next holiday season.

Photo Courtesy of HHH media library