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Varsity Girls Swim Celebrates its Successful Season

By Vanessa Hsieh

High School East and West girls swimming and diving offered an outstanding performance this past season. They went undefeated in all league meets, going 6-0 and coming in 2nd overall in League 1 Championships. The girls swam their fastest and worked their hardest this season, constantly achieving new individual best times. Teammates showed endless support and always cheered on their fellow swimmers and divers, and this positive mindset ultimately led to their victorious season. However, lots of credit should also be given to the wonderful coaches, swim coach Kevin Mongan and diving coach Jan Pisano. Both individuals have dedicated so much time to the team and have shown an overwhelming amount of support for each and every swimmer and diver. They have taught important values such as sportsmanship, collaboration, and remembering to have fun while swimming. 

Unfortunately, the varsity season was cut short due to the pandemic; a season that is normally three full months was stripped down to around a month and a half. On Wednesday, April 7th, the varsity girls celebrated their senior meet, which is the last meet dedicated to the seniors. The pool was decorated with many balloons and streamers that were red, white, and black to represent the HSE’s signature colors. The seniors, Maya Gerber, Sriya Dhanikonda, Tori Cohen, and Skylar Marco, enjoyed speeches given on their behalf by their friends and coaches and were given customized gifts. The amazing senior captains, Maya, Sriya, and Tori, have put in so much effort for the team and have taught the underclassmen everything they need to know. We will miss them so much as they move on to college! 

If swimming or diving sounds interesting to you, sign up on Final Forms for next fall’s season. We will be starting around August, and the team is looking for more swimmers and divers for the upcoming year. As the season is coming to a close, the Counties Championship Meet is coming soon, and we dedicate a big thank you to all the incredible girls and coaches on the team. The competition may be difficult at times, but with teamwork and positivity, the girls will repeatedly seize the win!